About me

I started running marathons in 2005 because I wanted to switch from 5Ks to long distance running. I really enjoyed the hard work of training and spending months working towards a goal, and then (hopefully) achieving that goal on race day.

In need of a more long-term goal, I set my sights on running a Boston-qualifying time of 3:40 (at the time), but that was proving to be challenging. While scouring the internet for marathon tips, I learned about the 50 States Marathon Club, and decided running a marathon in every state would be a fun way to stay active and goal-oriented while traveling across the country.

I've been running 2-4 marathons a year for the past 10+ years, and have logged training sessions during two bachelor's degrees and a web development immersive program, several jobs, and even right after a cross-country move. I'm really efficient with time management, and able to balance multiple priorities at once.


Located in San Francisco, CA

Email: vframbach@gmail.com

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