Frequently Asked Questions


My marathon training habits have adapted to various class schedules, work schedules, and other plans. I used to run 4-5 days a week, with some shorter 5-6 mile runs and a long run on the weekend. More recently, I run 2-3 days a week, with a fair amount of mid-distance and longer runs. I prefer not to overtrain, as to avoid injuries and burnout.

I sometimes sign up for marathons that are a month apart, which I actually prefer because my hard work goes towards two races instead of just one. I will typically take about a week off after a marathon, and then start back up with some 5-6 mile runs during the week and maybe an 8-10 mile run on the weekend. I usually won't run more than 13 between the two marathons, and just count on my previous training and recent race. I've had quite a bit of success in running a "warm up" marathon prior to a more important race. I've also had some trial and error with training over the years, but for now I have a good idea of what works for me.


Since I run 3-4 marathons a year, I look to reduce travel costs in a lot of ways. Depending on location, I've couchsurfed/used Airbnb, camped out, and even slept at a firehouse in Kentucky. I also have AAA to reduce hotel costs and rental car costs. I've done some 13 hour drives to reach races. Sometimes I'll take public transit into town to rent a car instead of getting it from the airport, to save money.

I find most of my races from, and races that interest me but I can't do this year, I keep in the back of my mind for future years, and then sign up early to get the lowest registration fee possible. I heavily rely on Google Maps to compare options for what is most cost-effective.

A project my husband and I recently started is, a new tool to make it easier for people to plan destination marathons. Any feedback is welcome!

What I eat

I've been a vegetarian since I was 14, and have adapted to an active lifestyle without animal protein. My specific diet has changed over the years, but the constant thing is a lot of pasta and bread (carbs!). I used to eat a lot of Boca burgers, but now I'm more likely to eat tofu, tempeh, beans, and vegetables. I also eat a lot of greek yogurt, fruit, and cereal.


Now that I've qualified for and run the Boston Marathon a few times, I've relaxed my goals a bit. I always hope to run a sub 4 hour marathon, and would ideally like to complete as many states as I can in under 4 hours. There's a subset of the 50 States Marathon Club specifically for people who run all 50 in under 4 hours. However, I sometimes pick some more challenging races that I know might put a sub 4 race time in jeopardy. Maybe once I complete the 50 states I'll go back and re-run the few I missed. Right now there are 7 I would have to redo: Oregon, Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, Illinois, Ohio, and Florida.

Favorite marathons

I get asked this question a lot. A couple of races have stood out to me, so it's hard to pick just one. These are definitely races I would recommend, and would run again, given the opportunity.

  • The Boston Marathon has tremendous crowd support and is a special race because of the qualifying element. I also really like the course- it starts off with some nice downhill and rolling hills, and once you tough it out on the Newton Hills and get over Heartbreak Hill, you can pretty much coast the last 5 miles to the finish.
  • The Chicago Marathon was well organized for being such a big race. I liked the pancake-flat course and perfect weather, also the different neighborhoods and scenery, and enthusiastic spectators. I ran this race in 2012, which I think was the last year before the lottery started.
  • The Indianapolis Monumental Marathon, held in November, was a little chilly at the start, but had a flat and fast course. I remember running down a hill and wondering why there were no uphills at all, until pretty far into the race. The small-town feel and the great crowd support made for a nice atmosphere. I ran my PR here.
  • The Snickers Albany Marathon was flat and fast, and went through a lot of residental neighborhoods with tons of good crowd support. The volunteers were also incredibly nice and supportive. The race day weather was perfect, and I ran a considerably better time than I had expected. I also got a lot of Snickers and Snickers marathon bars. This is one of my favorite small town marathons.